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What's an interactive image?

Interactive images have become increasingly popular because they can provide more information than traditional still photographs.

For example, maps with interactive elements allow the user to drop pins in different locations throughout their journey or interact via clickable spots on the map. Photos may include captions that tell you what certain items are called within a specific context (e..g., "That house over there would be great for filming").

Educational illustrations might enhance learning by showing animations when clicked upon, allowing kids easier access who struggle reading complicated words

How can this tool help me?

The tool is easy and simple to use, with its modern UI you can quickly place spots or draw polygons. You also have the option of customizable colors as well as adding labels to your image!

Now you can create stunning visuals with just a few clicks! You'll be able to quickly and easily make product demos, presentations or learning illustrations that your audience will never forget.

How do I use this tool?

Simply upload your image and start placing spots or drawing polygons. You can easily select an object from the list on the left, then edit its label and colors on the right. You can also assign on-click actions, like follow a link or run a script.

Installing it on your website is super easy - insert the HTML code where you want the interactive image to appear, then paste the JS code in a script tag or in a JS file. That's it!

Is it free?

Yes! Mouseover Mini is completely free.

We made it to promote our work and give you a taste of what's coming. If this mini-version has caught your interest, be sure not miss out on the full version of Mouseover when it releases in 2023.

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